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The ESL Lesson Planner is a tool for creating standardised CEFR lesson plans.

All plans are created by ESL teachers from around the world. The ESL lesson plans are shared and rated by the community, saving the ESL teacher hundreds of hours in lesson planning and prep.

This website is also a place where ESL teachers from around the world can collaborate, share materials and their ideas. Think of it as a Facebook for ESL teachers! Join up, make friends and enjoy this ESL lesson planning community!

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ESL lessons are shared with peers from around the world. It is even possible to use individual parts of a lesson plan from the same level and standard in your own plan! Access awesome standards-aligned ESL lesson plans by English language teaching experts like you for FREE!

Creating and updating engaging, fresh and relevant ESL lesson plans takes a long time. Some teachers don’t even plan any lessons and just wing it. The fact is that a good lesson plan goes a long way toward achieving instructional success. With this lesson planning tool and a fantastic community of teachers around you, you are sure to get the most out of your teaching experience.

You can access lesson plans done by teachers like you, or choose parts of their lesson plans that you like to use in your own. This is a real time-saver and cuts down significantly on planning time. It is also great to have experienced teachers helping each other in the spirit of delivering great lessons to learners.

Join teachers from all over the World FREE!

The aim of ESL Lesson Planner is to connect ESL teachers from all over the world. We share ideas, share lesson plans, experiences, and work together on lesson plans that will save hundreds of hours for thousands of ESL teachers. Join today, it is FREE!

Teachers are not paid very much, so this ESL lesson planning tool is free for individual teachers. I am a teacher myself, so hope that we as teachers can help each other to deliver the highest standard of ESL teaching to our students.

While single-user licenses are free, if you use the ESL Lesson Planner for teachers in your school or company, then multiple user licenses for the ESL Lesson planner are available for a monthly subscription fee. The lesson planner can also be installed on your servers, should you wish your lesson plans to remain private.

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Create, Collaborate and Share

All lesson plans you create on ESL Lesson planner are immediately shared with the community. All lesson plans can be reviewed, suggestions made or used by the community. Save hundreds of hours in lesson planning, by only using the best and highest rated plans. You can also take the guess work out of aligning objectives and aims to the standards of the CEFR because it is built-in to the planner.

Every teacher has at some stage had a lesson not go as well as expected. Perhaps the level of the activity was not appropriate to the student’s level or maybe a great activity failed due to lack of scaffolding. The ESL Lesson Planner uses standard templates to ensure all stages are done. Every stage is aligned with the CANDO statements of the CEFR, so when you do assessments you can ensure that they align to what was done in your lessons. Administrators and HODs often use lesson plans in their evaluation of a teacher, with the planner, your peers can assist you easily.

Find other teachers and share your ideas and resources

Imagine how much easier your work will be if you have a team of 10 teachers backing you up! Connect with other teachers and reduce your workload, so that you can spend less time prepping, and more time teaching.

Don’t forget, ESL Lounge have been around for years and have some great contibutions ideas and resources from teachers around the word. Visit them today! – Communicative ESL Lesson Materials.

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Built on Core Inventory and CEFR

The ESL Lesson Planner tool is built using the CEFR framework, Core Inventory and the English Profile to ensure standardisation on international standards.

Core Inventory Guidelines

Eaquals Lesson Plans

EAQUALS is widely recognised as an authority on the CEFR and its implementation. The ESL Lesson planner uses EQUALS guidelines in relation to the CEFR. Please be aware that I have no affiliation with EAQUALS or British Council, I have no input into the core inventory or the English Profile. I am just a teacher like you.

Core Inventory Guidelines
ESL Core Inventory Implementation

ESL Core Inventory

The British Council and Eaquals work together to create an ESL Core Curriculum Inventory for the English language. It is based around key language points for each level of the CEFR. The ESL Lesson Planner is based on these points. The ESL materials you will find on this website are also aligned to the same standards.

ESL Core Inventory Implementation
ESL Lesson Plans

ESL Lesson Plans

Creating ESL Lesson plans that are aligned with listening, reading, speaking and writing guidelines is important in ensuring the highest standards in teaching. Use the ESL Lesson Planner to ensure your lesson plans are aligned to the appropriate standards and achieve appropriate objectives.

ESL Lesson Plans

Connect with ESL teachers anywhere, anytime, on any device!

Peer comments can help us to improve our lessons, that is why it is great to sit down with peers and help each other out with advice and maybe a tip or trick here and there. Sometimes even the HOD gives us some nuggets of advice that work well in the classroom :).

ESL lessons are all shared with peers from around the world and it is even possible to use individual parts of a lesson plan from the same level and standard! Access lesson plans by English language teaching experts like you and know that your lesson plans will always be awesome!

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